Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully this space helps express me better, since I'm kinesthetically passionate about all things social; media, civic & technology. Possibly, we know each other from various experiences; maybe as the founder of Follow The Prince, content acquisition junky at LittleCast, Facebook growth & monetization specialist at Joyus or maybe working on The Futurethon with The Global Shapers. It could have even been on Broadway for the musical A Tale of Two Cities. It's quite possible you read me barely blogging. Outside of the work & internet we could have met very naturally; at a concert, LACMA Local event, hack-a-thon, meetup, pop-up poetry event or standing inline for a cup of green tea.

Otherwise, my passions exist in designing, reading books, playing tennis, watching motion pictures, sailing the jersey shore, and creating as I am consuming. You can find my photos on Instagram, co-produced music on Soundcloud, and inspirations on Tumblr.

I was born in Hollywood and lived across Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York City & the San Francisco bay area. I've traveled around the United States and a couple other European countries. I would like to see Africa, Asia, South America, Australia & Antartica.

Growing up, I've always been entrepreneurial. In kindergarden I started a lemonade stand on my local street corner. Soon after when I was 9, my family moved to New Jersey where I started selling baseball cards, pogs, and hemp clothes at the Neshanic Station flea market, slanging websites in middle school, to creating humorous t-shirts for high school camaraderie.

During college, I spent most of my time playing baseball, organizing social events, and running businesses out of my college dorm room; including a music studio, bodega & web design company. If it was not for "American Philosophy", during senior year of college, I would not have written weird stuff, like how I think David Blaine is a modern day philosopher. It was all very fun.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time reading and writing, with plans to publish and share my works. I'm also working on Junto, a creators collective. Some of my favorite reads come from Farnam Street Blog,, PandaWhale, BrainPicking and Arts & Letters Daily. Also, you can enjoy the freshest selection of music on my Hypem or Spotify playlists. Hit me up if you want to ask a question or have a conversation. Looking forward!

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